Facial Treatment

The facial treatment includes :

  • Matrinol cure,
  • Protocol-C,
  • Lifting treatment – Mask nutri-tensor,
  • Cooling algae revitalizing modeling treatment,
  • Collagen veil,
  • Eye contour patches,
  • Lightening cooling modeling treatment

Matrinol cure

The gentle concept for effective rejuvenation of the skin without an invasive procedure

The anti-aging concentrate treatment par excellence fights fine lines and wrinkles in a way similar to that of botulinum toxin without invasive procedure.

This five-step treatment, proven effective, reduces superficial wrinkles and deeper wrinkles. The collagen mask with the innovative active Myoxinol® blocks the mechanical factors responsible for the appearance of expression lines. In addition, it delays the cellular aging of the skin, swells and redensifies the skin, giving it a rejuvenated look. The expression of the face is relaxed without influencing mimicry. Just one treatment to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles, the results are even more impressive after the other four treatments.


The innovative vitamin C massage mask that restores skin’s life

The innovative antioxidant treatment with Vitamin C. Never has a facial massage been so effective.

An antioxidant and anti-aging treatment designed to revive the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis and protecting against free radicals. Formulated with active ingredients from marine and plant sources and a concentrate of vitamin C, this treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, unifies the complexion and makes the skin radiant to make it look youthful. The new proven PROTOCOL-C in one treatment:

• Stimulates tired, stressed skin
• The skin is visibly smooth and more supple
• Protects the skin and reduces wrinkles

Lifting treatment – Mask nutri-tensor

Phyto-Tensor Complex + Fruit Acids + Vitamins A, C and E

This professional treatment combines the power of plant extracts with that of natural fruit acids to exfoliate, smooth, nourish and protect the skin in a single gesture.

By their exfoliating functions, the fruit acids illuminate the complexion and prepare the epidermis to receive the other active ingredients. There will be an obvious tightening of tissues and revitalized skin thanks to the synergistic action of a phyto-nutritive and nutritive complex.

Cooling algae revitalizing modeling treatment

Vitamin C + himanthalia elongata + marine polysaccharides

Rich in soothing active ingredients and decongestants, this treatment is specially formulated to soothe the skin, reduce redness and brighten the complexion. Composed of himanthalia elongata (the richest algae in vitamin C) and an additional intake of concentrated vitamin C (antioxidant), it contributes to the increase of collagen synthesis thus improving the elasticity of the skin.

This treatment works by producing a cooling of the skin, it is therefore particularly remarkable for rosacea, rosacea and acne. And more, for all types of skin, it allows a real fitness of the epidermis and provides an excellent burst effect.

Collagen veil

Anti-aging + ultra moisturizing treatment

Objectives: to nourish, tone, moisturize and smooth

Acting as a second skin, the Collagen Veil is defined by its ultra moisturizing and regenerative action of skin tissues.

Thanks to its original manufacturing process, the Collagen Veil is 100% pure native collagen fiber. Combined with our Collagen Lotion, it significantly improves the skin’s moisture balance and stimulates its regenerative functions.

From the first application, the Collagen Veil allows:
• A considerable increase in skin hydration rate, thanks to its high moisture retention capabilities
• A decrease of 30% of the cutaneous relief (wrinkles and fine lines)
• Significant improvement of the roughness of the skin.

Eye contour patches

Benefits of the triple collagen system

Immediate decongestant, regenerating and smoothing effect

Moisturises the delicate skin around the eye
Clears the signs of fatigue
Visibly fades wrinkles and fine lines
Provides an instant lifting effect

Native collagen, native (soluble) collagen molecules and collagen peptides

Lightening cooling modeling treatment

Phyto complex + vitamin C complex

Pruning Saxifrage + Red + Black Murier Vine + Baikal Skullcap + Marine Polysaccharides

Rich in lightening, regenerating and moisturizing active ingredients, this mask is specially formulated to bring radiance and comfort to all types of skin and especially to unstressed skin. Thanks to its lightening plant complex, it regulates the production of melanin and stimulates the synthesis of collagen.

It works by producing a cooling of the skin, as a result, it finds flexibility, brightness and softness from the first session.