Thermocoagulation is a treatment that uses the ultrafast high frequency. This accurate technique is used to coagulate certain superficial skin imperfections in order to diminish their appearance or to completely eliminate them. As indicated by its name,

Thermocoagulation represents a coagulation phenomenon determined by heat


The heat generated by the high power electric current that circulates inside a device (filament) burns the tissue it gets in contact with. The treatment is fast, precise and does not leave any scars. Depending on the case and on the needs, in only 15 minutes we can eliminate about thirty skin imperfections. The Thermocoagulation technique is strictly aesthetic and nonmedical.



We treat small circulation imperfections as well as minor flaws related to pigmentation:

  • Couperose
  • Spider (Stellar) Angioma
  • (Cutaneous) skin tags (acrochorda)
  • Rubies points
  • Maturity angioma and strawberry hemangioma
  • Milia spots